Prickly Pear Picture Frame


Display your favorite memory surrounded by the nature that you love with this rustic prickly pear tree picture frame. frame


“Prick” your pic and smile!

You know that picture that just makes you grin from ear to ear–this Prickly Pear Picture Frame is the perfect way to showcase that memory! So place it on your desk, or hang it in the hallway so you can be reminded of your adventures at work, or showcase it in your home to bring those good times closer to you.

This Prickly Pear Picture Frame is made from rustic wood and held together with rivets. Choose from green or purple to perfectly accentuate your home décor

Perfect for your cactus loving bestie, your desert loving adventurer, or yourself–I mean you need a gift every now and again too!


This two-layered wooden Prickly Pear Picture Frame wall art measures  4 inches wide and 6 inches tall.


Available in in four colors:

  • Green
  • Purple


Each and every piece starts from a nature inspired creative spark and designed into reality by our owner, Jessica Moore. Once the design is just what she dreamed up the pieces get cut out of natural wood using a laser cutter. Each panel is then hand stained, and assembled. This piece in particular is held together using metal rivets. Then this nature inspired piece is ready to be loved and displayed in your home.


As this product is made using natural woods, and because–well–Mother Nature, no two pieces look exactly alike. The images depicted here are approximations of what the piece you order may look like. Each piece will vary slightly in color, density, grain patterns, knots, etc. The world is full of these pleasant little surprises and this art piece is a perfect way to celebrate that!

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Green, Purple