Our Story

Sylvan means “a wooded area, or one who dwells in nature.”

Jess, Sylvia and Stella in the Grand Tetons

While contemplating a career change, I accepted a position to work at a Girl Scout camp as the Photographer. Between going from activity to activity with the girls, I hiked. Camp was 880 acres at an elevation of 8300 feet. I woke up to bright blue skies, ponderosa pines and mountains interrupting the horizon line. The colors were amazing. The sun would set, and the mountains turned into layers of aubergine with an orange-pink sky. Dusk would come and the stars would come out, spanning a sapphire colored sky.

This was the tipping point, to push me to simplify, and be one who dwells amongst the trees and mountains: sylvan.

Originally from Maryland, I came to Colorado for a vacation and fell in love. During a vacation in 2012, I said that I’d be back with a moving van. Indeed I was back for good in the summer of 2013.

Since moving, I have once again redefined my goals and pursuits. I have forgone the brick and mortar home for a travel trailer. I have been traveling to art shows throughout the Rocky Mountain region, and making art in campgrounds.

Read more about that summer as a GS Camp Counselor here:http://colorado.aiga.org/2015/10/call-me-honeybear-summer-with-president-jess-moore/

Jess Moore is the Owner and Artist behind Simple & Sylvan, as well as You Do You Decor. Jess brings 20 years experience in communications design to her art and holds an undergraduate degree in New Media Production from Emerson College and an M.F.A. in Integrated Design from the University of Baltimore.

In tandem with her previous career as a graphic designer in professional service, Jess began teaching in 2002, and has since taught in a variety of programs for communications and graphic design in Maryland and Colorado.

Additionally, Jess is passionate about the design community and has served on the AIGA Colorado Board of Directors, having joined the board in 2014 and served as Co-Membership Director before assuming the role of President for the 2015-2017 term.

The mountain and nature scenes that Jess offers on her shop are inspired by what’s right outside her trailer door: the colors they radiate, and the sense of peace they offer. She can’t wait to share a little of the mountains with you.

You read that right: trailer door. Jess is also a full-time RVer who makes art while traveling. Follow Jess and her trailer named Sylvia here: http://WatchSylviaGo.com

Over the past two years Jess has volunteered 500 hours as a VIP (Volunteer in the Parks) with the National Park Service at Fort Bowie NHS and Big Bend NP, and is looking forward to her position for 2021, starting in January.